Natural winemaking domaine in the heart of the Southern Rhône, France.

Our Story


CarolineOriginally from Western Australia, winemaker Caroline Jones has worked in various
regions of Australia and France, with roles ranging from harvesting and pruning
vines to cellar hand, laboratory manager and vintage winemaker.

“My approach to winemaking is to harmonise the modern methods taught in Australia with the traditions and styles of France. This has ultimately led to the decision to be based in the southern Rhone region, where the unique terroir and local grape varieties can create wines of rich primary fruit flavours and depth, which, when augmented by maturation in aged oak barrels, produces wines of elegance, balance and complexity.”






ThomasFrom the Vosges mountains in the east of France, Thomas spent 12 years in the UK working exclusively in the wine trade. After working for one of the major wine estates in Chateauneuf-du-Pape as head of Domestic Sales and Oenotourism, he was able, since 2015, to devote himself fully to Domaine Rouge-Bleu .
Having sold and tasted many wines from around the world, Thomas decided it was time to have a go at making the stuff! A real wish to return to the rural lifestyle of his childhood, and Caroline’s shared interest in French living, were the catalysts for moving back to France and starting the search for their dream vineyard.

“Passionate about wine, I have been surrounded by it all of my adult life. First at work and now on the domaine where I spend my time between managing the vineyard and representing the Domaine worldwide. A lover of wines from all horizons I am, like Caroline, a natural Grenache lover. Becoming a vigneron is a life changing experience and an eveyday learning curve which I hope to be sharing with you all soon, whether you are visiting us or we are coming to you!”